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Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down

Tampa Doll

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How did you ever do that Santa hat in thread? I'm making Santa in worsted and it gets tricky as you have to keep decreasing to a point.


Had to rip my first try out because the hat didn't shape up very good...maybe not enough stuffing, I don't know. But I'm about to finish it up now.


There certainly isn't much space for his face. I just do not see how you did it in thread! But I'm gonna have to try it, too.


I hope I can fix up worsted weight Santa to hang on the tree. Looks like he doesn't have a hanger but of course that can be taken care of. He'll make a big tree ornament!


Just noticed I'll have to use French knots to embroider his eyes and the fly stitch to embroider the mouth. :eek I don't do embroidery! Well, there are couple of illustrations but it says to see Stitch Guide and I don't see a Stitch Guide.


I'll figure it out somehow; after all, how difficult can it be?


Mary Jo, yours just look so adorable! Thanks again for telling us about them.



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Your little guys are cute! And so is the note about your DH thinking they were for him! I always love how you do your pictures how they move, this time it looks like the little guys are dancing. Great work!



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