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    I'm a Christian, have been married to my best friend since 1974.
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    Retired in New Mexico formerly from North Dakota
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    CROCHETING!! Knitting, reading, my family, current events
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    Retired from at-home Medical Transcription
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    My passion is thread but truly if it's crocheted, it's my favorite!
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    I started in 2000

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  1. So, so pretty! I also like your blue doily avatar too. I'm like you, I sure love those vintage patterns!
  2. I just realized that at 3 ft tall, your angel is about 10-11 inches TALLER than my beloved 2-yr-old grandson who is running around my house all the time. I can only imagine what his reaction would be if he ran around a corner and saw your 3-ft-tall angel! Just thinking about that makes me smile.
  3. Wow! 3 ft tall! That's alot of crocheting, and the results are just beautiful. Congratulations on a fabulous finished project!
  4. Janni, I lived up in Dickinson, ND for 20 years! Have you seen and/or heard about all the changes in Williston? Hope you were able to cash in on the big oil boom when you moved and if you sold your home. North Dakota is a wonderful state, isn't it? We're down in New Mexico now. I sure miss those "You betcha" smiles! Here in NM I don't need as much in the way of afghans now, but thread crochet and purses are always in style!
  5. Ohhhhh, those are so beautiful! I love everything about them, the colors, the pattern, the stitch you used, the lining, the buttons, everything! You have a real winner there!! :cheer :clap
  6. Way to go, James! What a beautiful bookmark. Even though Apak had the bead on the tassel part of her bookmark, I never would have thought of using the beads like you did. You are very talented! You may not realize it, James, but you are well on your way to becoming a crocheter extraordinaire. One of the first requirements is a desire to try the same pattern in another color. Your remark about thinking the butterfly would be prettier in another color pink is exactly how all of us start out thinking....and before you know it, we have a stash of yarn and/or thread and/or beads in a sack, the
  7. Your curtain is beautiful and shows your patience, time, and talent. It is awesome!!
  8. Hope Crochetville wins the money! C'ville always has my vote!!
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