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Vintage Yarn????


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Hello All!


I purchased some yarn off of ebay. It's gorgeous,and I felt I got a really good deal on it. I don't want to post too much about it, as I am using it to send for my yarn swap items.


The auction states it's vintage yarn. My question I guess is, Is vintage yarn "durable?" I know that acrylic yarns like Red Heart and such can get stiff and hard to work with over time. THis yarn is a "natural" material, so I am wondering if it will still be in good shape.


The lister didnt mention anything about any defects, and the pics looked like the balls were in great shape, still beautiful in color, and most all still had tags.


Just looking for "input' as I have seen things marked "vintage" and never purchased them. Also, this is first time purchasing yarn off of Ebay!



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I've had a lot of vintage yarn and as long as it was stored properly, it's been great. My felted bucket bag was done using "vintage" Bear Brand wool and it was great.


I've learned though when buying lot off of eBay, find out if the yarn the same color is all the same lot number, or else you can't use it all together.


Can't wait to see the pics.

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