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fox ears hat



I wanna make my friend a "fox" hat for xmas, 'cause she ADORES foxes... is there any patterns or pattern changes anyone can suggest for me to figure this out? I'm new to the whole patterns thing so I wasn't sure how to alter like a "cat ears" pattern...


Please help! Thanks!

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Guest mishakitty78

Can you describe what you're looking for as far as fox ears go? (I like the idea, by the way!) Are they bigger than cat ears or rounder? I think you could get away with making a redish orange hat with fuzzy black ears. Hmmm...

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I found a few good pictures of a fox and realized their ears are pretty catlike, only not QUITE so pointed, so I'm gonna with that idea of doing like a fuzzy orange-y red hat with black ears and pink insides...


Is the best idea for that sort of thing just doing a "crochet-in-the-round" sort of freeform hat and then adding the ears?




I'll post pictures when I'm done! thank you!


Very excited about this project,


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