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Crochet Hook Help



I see a lot of the patterns from the yarn companies use millemeters to size their crochet hooks in the patterns. I was wondering if their is a chart somewhere to show the American sizes that are comparable to the millemeters?

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According to the Yarn Council they are trying to standardize the industry:


Standards for Hooks and Needles

The Council’s hook and needle manufacturers have agreed to make metric (millimeter/mm) sizing more prominent on packaging. The U.S. sizes, both numbers and/or letters, will also appear on packaging.
More prominent labeling of metric sizing, which is an actual measurement, should help eliminate consumer questions about the differences among the letter and number sizing of some needles and hooks. As noted in the introduction, with the cooperation of manufacturers, publishers and designers these changes will be implemented as packaging is reprinted and new patterns are published.


My hubby makes wooden crochet hooks and it's the above chart that he goes by for millimeters. Newer patterns are also listing the hook needed by MM too. It should be a lot less confusing (hopefully)...:D!

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