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  1. As they say say "This too shall pass". I get burned out wheneverr I do a really big project. In a few days I'm back at it. I try to figure what I am going to make for Christmas the summer before. When I finish all the big projects, then I will work on little things like hats or scarves. That way I won't have to rush. Hope you are back in the swing soon.
  2. Your slippers are so comfy looking. Would love to have this pattern.
  3. This is the most awesome CAL. I just love all of the round ripples. Each one is more beautiful than the next. It makes me want to start another. I think I already have about 8.
  4. You can find my pattern under 12/24 on the Home Decor Board. I had to make a few corrections.
  5. Well I have finally finished my 12 to 24 point Round Ripple. This is the biggest one I have made. I had to make some adjustments to the pattern. Even with my changes, it came out a little ruffly.
  6. I am still working on my 12 to 24 point ripple. Had to redo the pattern to make it work. A lot of frogging. Hope to be done this week.
  7. There are 2 posts on the 'Ville. There are 2 different ways of doing it. One is to make squares to fit in the valleys. Ones is using sc's and trs.
  8. I have already done 1 round ripple for this CAL. Can I do another? I would like to try the 12 point to 24 point.
  9. Here is a pix of my Round Ripple. I used a J hook and Bernat Super Value in medium and lite navy. Also use RHSS in Shaded Dusk and a little bit of white. It is 70 inches across. I crocheted 37 rows and 1 row of hdc to finish. Now have 3 of these done for Christmas Gifts. Have to make at least 3 more.
  10. This is the beginning of my Round Ripple. I am using Bernat Super Value in 2 shades of denim. I will continue working until I run out of yarn.
  11. Is it too late to join this CAL? I have just started one in shades of blue.
  12. I am joining this CAL. I am frogging an old afghan and hope to use some the yarn. The colors will be lt. pink, dk. pink, lt. and dk. green. I still have to buy the off white.
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