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Good advanced beginner/intermediate books


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I'm wondering what your favorite advanced beginner/intermediate books are. I've been crochetting for a while, but I really prefer the simpler stuff. Or at least things with simpler directions.


I'd like to try making things other than blankets and scarves. I covet a shawl, for example. I'd like to buy a whole book though, so I have many different patterns I can try, not just shawls, if that makes sense. I don't realize I want to try to make something until I see a pattern, and then it's "Oh! I need yarn to make that!"


Happy Monday, all!



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Hi Piper,


I went to the library a couple of weeks ago and checked out a few books. Most have good directions and lots of patteres for all kinds of items.


There are also LOTS of free patterns on line. Just start reading other peoples blogs and you will find links to more than you can ever crochet:clap



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