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Weekend Square-A-Long!!! :O)


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I don't know why this keeps going to the archived section?! Any suggestions, Villagers?!


HELLO!! :yay I don't see a post for a square-a-long challenge for the weekend, so here I go in getting one going!! :yes


How many of you would like to join me in making as many squares as you can from the time you wake up on Friday morning until the time you go to bed on Sunday night?! :clap You may choose any size(s) and color(s) you'd like, make your squares, and post on Sunday night how many you've made!!!


As an added incentive . . . . . . .


I will send a snail mail package of yarn to the person who makes the most CHARITY squares (6" or larger)!!! You may give them to the charity of your choosing, of course!! Just think! Many will be blessed as a result and we'll have FUN teaming up for the challenge!!


Okay, how many will join me starting tomorrow morning?! :ghug


I'm going to go look through my stash and see what yarn and colors I will be using!!:elle WE CAN DO IT!!!

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I'm in!


However I won't be home till Wed. cause I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, so leave me out of the contest part. But I can whip up some squares to throw together for comfortghans or other things! Any sized squares?


Now, to pack my yarn and hooks!:hook

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Hello . . . . I don't know why this one went to the archives section! Please respond to this post . . . http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=433941#post433941


THANKS!!!!!! I hope A LOT of people join in! The more, the merrirer!! :cheer

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