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Stupid yarn needle question



Ok, I've searched the forum and can't find an answer. I rushed into AC Moore this morning and grabbed plastic yarn needles. I got home and took them out of the package to find...a little ball on the point of the yarn needle.




Can anyone explain the point of this? (Pun intended!)


Child safe yarn needles, perhaps?

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If it is a clear-silicone-type ball, perhaps it is a point-protector, meant to protect the needles during production/shipping, to be popp-ed off once you get them home (??)


or possibly if they are a more permanent, removable ball, you use them when you put you needles down to keep the yarn on. (??)


did the package come with directions? you could try phoning the store (or return to the store) to see if the needles have a manufacturing inconsistancy (factory oops) and exchanging them for another pair. Although I haven't bought needles lately I've never seen any with balls on the ends




oooh oooh ohhh - maybe they are airplane-safe needles, y'know the kind that don't work properly but its impossible to poke someone's eye out with!!! lol

good luck!

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:cheer It is a wool needle so maybe the little ball is there to help the needle through the fibre of the yarn, a bit like the Ball Point needles for your sewing machine. I am dot so keen when they have a very big eye because they are too hard to pull through when threaded with a thicker yarn.


Give it a try and see what happens, you might like it.


I have a set of different size needles, made of metal, which have blunt ends and bigger eyes. I have a lot of them because I am always losing them.


Have fun.


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According to the package, the ball is supposed to be there. I've been using it to weave in the ends on my afghan squares. It works ok, although it is a little weird. I can sort of see how it would be useful for bulky yarn.

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