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  1. Hi wylderghost! Welcome to the CAL! I would love to hear about and see what you're making from the book!
  2. Hi q8 and Samantha! I've been so busy lately, I've hardly picked up a hook. My husband got laid off from his job in May, so I've been working extra. I have been thinking about making that bag from Interweave Crochet, the one with the willow squares. I hope all is well with you!
  3. Hi Alma, Welcome to Crochetville. I took a quick look around your blog. Your work is beautiful! I hope you will post a picture here of your crochet portrait when it's complete. How clever and creative that is!
  4. Congratulations! He is so beautiful, I forgot to look at the blanket! Those toes are so sweet! Must have more pics!
  5. I concur with Knitting Help, also. But for books, you can't beat Stitch 'N' B*tch by Debbie Stoller. I've heard that Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti is excellent, too. Her crochet equivalent was good.
  6. That's really nice. I love those colors. I'm all about purples, pinks and any color that goes with them. I've seen Simply Knitting in Barnes & Noble bookstore and wondered if it was a good magazine. Do you like it, and do they have crochet patterns in it regularly? Does the difficulty level of the knitting patterns vary, ie, are there easy ones for a newbie knitter like me? Thanks for sharing the pic!
  7. Hi Rose! The scarf is sweet! I love purple and yellow together, too! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I love that! Your use of the variegated color and the way you varied the sizes of the squares gives the pattern energy. It's not just your average granny square 'ghan. Good job!
  9. I'm ducking back in quickly before I head to work. Look on this page, are those the socks???? http://www.kristinnicholas.com/julia.htm Probably not, though, because they are knit. Pretty neat, though....
  10. Jo, I was in Barnes & Noble bookstore last night looking at the new Vogue Knitting book (25 Years of Vogue Knitting, I believe). In it was an article about Kristin Nicholas and it had a picture of knee high socks, colorful with lots of different stitches and flowers (knitted or crocheted) on them. I thought of you. Maybe this will help your search! If you find this pattern, please, for the love of socks, share the link with us!
  11. Sounds like freeform socks! I just spent a few minutes googling freeform crochet sock patterns without much luck. Can you remember if you were they were at a blog? At an art gallery website? Phase of the moon? It makes me crazy when I can't find things I saw before. Good luck!
  12. Hi Jo, welcome to Crochetville! I just spent a few lovely minutes at your blog, just wiping off the drool after reading about your trip to Brittany. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing your work, which I think will include many socks!
  13. Hi folks! I hear you, blackpurl about it being easier to pack squares. A couple of Septembers ago, my mother and I took a trip to Utah to visit my brother who lives there. I was working on a baby 'ghan made of little squares. I must have made forty or fifty of these squares on the trip. I was able to keep them in a bag in my backpack. I probably would have had to mail it home had I joined them. Samantha, I likey your Willow dishcloth!!! Hi q8!!!!
  14. I think crochet is huge now and still on its way up in popularity. Now there are more crochet books in my local A.C. Moore than knitting books. Look how the member population of C'Ville has surged over the past year!
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