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Barefoot Sandals


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This was my first few experiments with Beads and Stretchy cord. I also combined some colored thread with silver stretchy cord, some have more beads

than others I was expeimenting with a general pattern I found on the web


I printed it but now I will have to search for it again

I know they were called barefoot sandals.


my pics here.


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I really like your barefoot sandals, :hook did you make up the pattern or is there one available? Where did you find your stretchy yarn at? :think

Do a search titled barefoot sandals and you will get loads of them

I looked at several, there is a good tutorial here.:hook



I found some of the stretchy thread at Michaels, the gold and silver, and at JoAnnes

I later found some on cards metalic colors blues greens etc. at Walmart of all places

in the bead section with the crafts.

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