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New York Yarn Store


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I went to the Lower East Side today so my DH could get the rest of his tattoo filled in, and I found the most beautiful yarn store.


Its called Knit New York on 307 14st. NYC tele 212-397-0707 (wwwknitnewyork.com)


They had the most beautiful colors and textures - yes, they were a bit on the pricey side, but I feel that good yarn is going to cost a few dollars. I spent alot of money :eek but am so happy with what I got :yay . I also bought myself Alpaca since I gave two skeins in the yarn swap and made a scarf as a gift. Let me tell you, I think its the best yarn ever - it really is so soft :c9

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I plan to go into NYC next week. Does anyone know any yarn shops in the midtown area... sort of between 47 St and 34 St.? Is there a 'yarn district'?


Also, any place to get purse handles? I know MJ Trimming, but there stuff looks REALLY expensive (at least what I've seen online).





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