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    I just got married on 7/7/07, and am currently pursing my MS in Education.
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    Schenectady, New York
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    Crocheting, knitting, and avoiding overdue book fines
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    Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant
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    Afghans, sweaters, and scarves!
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    Since 2002
  1. Hi rebekah! glad to hear you're enjoying the pattern so far -- sorry for the snafu! In round 5, you should have a repeating series of 2 fpdc, 3 bpdc, so that when you do round 6 you can fpdc around each of the two fpdc (staying at 2 fpdc) and then do 2 bpdc around the first bpdc and one around each of the next two (increasing to 4 bpdc). Does that make more sense?
  2. That came out beautifully! How wonderful that you were able to finish her work
  3. It came out great! Really nice, even work I love how you used the vareigated yarn for the thinner lines!
  4. I don't remember sending out a November square, and I know I still owe December, so those packages will be going out in Tuesday's mail. Kudos to everyone who stuck with the swap and finished -- I know I've had a hard time keeping track of my squares! Happy New Year to all!
  5. My November and December swap squares will be in the mail next week. Happy Holidays, everyone!
  6. Thanks for the pretty and oh-so-perfect square, Julie! It arrived today!
  7. That is the coolest freakin' afghan ever! I WANT ONE. . . in hot pink, black, and white!
  8. I hope your square arrived safely, Robin! It went out with Paula's, so it should have been there by now. . . let me know if you need a replacement!
  9. Yay, my copy came in the mail today! My CityGirl Cap is January 2-5 Everything looks great!!!
  10. Whoo-hoo! That came out great! Thanks so much for making it, and then posting about it! The pattern and dimensions are available on my blog!
  11. you did a great job! those colors work beautifully together.
  12. Are going out on Friday, finally! I'll PM tracking numbers as soon as they're available.
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