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I love you guys!


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I am working on some crocheted swans for my daughter's wedding this June. Each one is different (as a gift to the bridesmaids and my daughter's new MIL), and I decided to try crocheting in some beads for a little sparkle.


I knew that the beads would only show up on the reverse side but I was hoping there was a way to get some on the front side too. Short of spending forever online searching, I came here and there from August was bubblefizz' question about the very same subject and there were the replies I needed including Kathy's referral to the "MeDidIt" with the instructions I needed.


I just love you guys at Crochetville and all the help you so freely give! :manyheart


P.S. I'd post the pictures of the swans (they really are pretty) but that's going to have to be a future project for another day--learning how to post pictures that are the right size. (All of the ones from my camera are way too big.)

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