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My first batch is drying!


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I decided today I would try dyeing since I got a skein of natural wool from Knit Picks today.


So I read the threads here, and gave it a whirl. I used food coloring and a coffee cup. I made blue dye and dyed the end of the skein. Rinsed out the cup, made purple using blue and red and soaked the middle of the skein. And then rinsed out the cup and used blue again on the other end. Then I microwaved it, and other than that wet sheep smell in the kitchen, I think the results were pretty good!!


Here's how it looked when it came out of the microwave:




It's drying now. I'll try koolaid next time to see if I can get darker shades.


I want to wind it into a hank -- I haven't done that before. How do you do that????


Hugs! Juli

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Looks great, and it's addictive isn't it!?


I'm guessing it's already in a hank (a big loop of yarn) because it looks looseish in your casserole dish. What I do is put the back of a chair (or two to hold it tightish) and untie the end, and gently unravel it from the loop and wind it into a ball. Take it easy, these things can end up a mess!

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