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  1. I'm going to jump in on this one!! I'm going to start preparing for next Christmas right now! I want it to be a really special holiday. This year everything was last minute. I didn't get any of the handmade ornaments or decorations done that I wanted to.....and I didn't do any handmade presents this year except for one doily for my SIL. So....2010 is going to be different!! I will look through my patterns and pick one for January This will be fun! Juli
  2. Granny Square -- very very pretty!!!! Where did you find that pattern? I haven't seen that one before.... Juli
  3. Kookaloo -- I love it!!! The red is gorgeous!!! I wish I had time to work on my doily today --- but too busy getting the house ready for Christmas. Tomorrow is baking day....each year on Christmas Eve the kids and I bake cookies and make candy. So I have my shopping list all ready, and I'm organizing the kitchen to be ready for a whole day of baking and frosting. Maybe tonight I will have time for some thread work! *crossing fingers* Juli
  4. I am having a heck of a time with the poinsettia doily. It is a solid tapestry-style center and it is cupping. I kept adding stitches, but it's hard to do without messing up the pattern. Now I've ripped it way back and am trying to add more stitches earlier. Bah humbug. How about trying one size bigger hook for that section? Just a thought..... Juli
  5. Granny -- the doily is gorgeous!!! I'm with Kookaloo -- the center flower is so pretty!! Hi Moggy!!! Glad you're joining us!! Looking forward to seeing a pic of your doily! Tobybob...by the time I clicked on your link, the pattern had changed to a coffee table topper (also very pretty). I'm sure the china plate cover was awesome. I bookmarked the site -- always looking for thread patterns! I'm really loving the Profi steel hooks a wonderful Christmas elf sent me! She sent me 3 sizes, and I just love them! The hooks have plastic handles just big enough to make it so much easier on my hands. I have arthritis in my hands and wrists. Usually I can only work with thread for an hour or so until my hands start to hurt. The plastic handle changes my grip on the hook enough that I'm working virtually pain-free now! So happy!! Have any of you tried the Clover Soft Touch thread hooks?? Did you like them?? Profi hooks are being discontinued so I thought about trying the Clover soft touch for the other sizes of steel hooks, but someone told me that they felt the handles were too big. Any opinions?
  6. hey moggy! The pattern is in The Best of Patricia Kristoffersen and also in Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies. Both books are great! Thanks for the nice comments everyone.....the pattern was so much fun!
  7. we got snow!!!! :o) This is a once a year thing here in NC usually -- sometimes twice....so it's a big deal to my 5 year old. All the kids are going to go down to grandma's later today to sled. For me.....it's a crochet and laundry day! I got 4 new vintage books off ebay this week -- $3 for all 4. I was STOKED!! Does anybody else have these: Crochet Gay and Gifty Ideas StarBook 80 Potholders J&P Coats Book 222 Pot Holders J&P Coats Book 243 Hot Plate Mats Star Book No 70 The crochet ideas book has some really cool doily patterns -- a pretty Rose doily, a large and small floral hot plate mat. All 3 are going on my WIM list!
  8. Kookaloo -- the runner and the doily are both awesome!! And I agree -- the doily will be stunning in red and white!! It's supposed to snow/sleet here today and tomorrow.......anyone who has spent a winter in the south knows that everything just shuts down here when it snows. I'm prepared for a crochet day if the weather goes nuts. So far....nothing....but it's 3 a.m. right now and forecast doesn't call for anything until about 6 a.m. Working on a shawl for a friend. Woke up and can't go back to sleep. So crocheting and watching old episodes of Ghost Whisperer. Thread work for me tomorrow if it's a snow day!!
  9. I totally agree! I always feel so nostalgic when I'm working from a vintage pattern!
  10. Thanks for sharing the picture Kookaloo! Such a pretty pattern -- it will be gorgeous when it's finished!! Granny_square -- any decisions on a pattern??
  11. I haven't had any time today to do any crocheting at all....but my thread and hook are calling to me. As soon as dinner is done, I'm going to watch a movie and work on my doily.
  12. Such a nice design, and you did a great job reworking the eyes!
  13. Very pretty!!! Gorgeous design, as usual!!
  14. Very bold colors! It makes such a striking piece! Beautiful!
  15. what a nice gift! I love the bright colors!
  16. Very pretty! I think the color of thread you picked out is just perfect for it, too! I like the unusual shape -- it makes the doily look so elegant!
  17. Boy I hear you Bundabean!!! I just finished and blocked Pineapple Song by PK, and as soon as it was all done, I gave it to my SIL. Now I'm making a large PK doily for my own house for once!
  18. Granny Square -- I LOVE the cat filet!!!!! :o) So pretty!! Thank you for sharing your photo!! Kookaloo -- wanna share an "in progress'' pic with us?? :o) peggy -- someone might have a more "tried and true'' answer for you.....but just off the top of my head....maybe when you block your coasters don't use a stiffener just get them damp and stretch to block. Then they won't have such a crisp finished look. Anyone have a better answer for her??
  19. I have to agree with you about the pattern, dobermama! I have made lots of pineapple doilies in my time -- but this one was the most FUN to make! I just love how PK designs her patterns to have such cool 3D effects. It makes it look so complicated when it's actually pretty simple. I had such a good time with this one, that now I'm working on another one of her pineappple designs! More popcorns and pineapples!
  20. Feel free to post and share photos of your Christmas projects, even if they aren't thread! Even when we do projects with yarn....we are still threadies too! Then after Christmas just jump in with your thread projects. Let's make the official starting date for the thread CAL to be Jan. 1st. But we can post about our current projects for now.....until we're all ready to get back to thread! I started my new PK doily.....got 2 rows done yesterday. We are decorating our house for Christmas today. But I'm also going to find time to sew the legs on an amigurumi, and maybe another couple rows on the doily. What's everyone else working on?
  21. Hey Vonnie! The afghan is gorgeous! Great deal on thread too! I finally picked out my pattern. I'm going to make one from Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies by PK. #16 Majestic. It uses pineapples and popcorn stitches. Slow day answering phones at the gym so I'm starting on it today. I'm using Aunt Lydia's Classic in Natural. 1 row done -- 32 more to go!!
  22. Thanks everyone! The second it was dry, I wrapped it up and delivered it to my SIL. It was a present for her. She loves it!
  23. Meowy -- the doily sounds awesome!!!! :o) Please share pictures....we all love to see in progress photos! What color thread are you using? Stitchintime -- a tablecloth!! So cool!! I like your idea of breaking it up into chunks. Sure -- join us after Christmas! This will be an ongoing thread where we're all working on our own projects.....so you can jump in whenever you are ready!! Steelerlady -- jump in when you are ready! When you get your snowflakes and angels stiffened, think about posting a picture for us to see your work! I'm still trying to decide on a pattern for my next project......I always have a hard time making up my mind!!
  24. Anybody interested in jumping in on a thread CAL?? I'm itchin' to start working on doilies again after a few months with very little time with my steel hooks! But it's not much fun by myself! If you're working on a thread project, or starting one soon.....beginner to expert....jump in and let's talk thread!!! I found a bunch of issues of Magic Crochet at the antique store the other day, and I found a couple vintage books at the thriftshop.....so I'm looking through them today to pick out my next project. I just finished off Pineapple Song (PK pattern) yesterday and delivered it to my SIL last night. There's a photo of the completed doily on the show and tell board. I wanted to take it to her right away rather than wait for Christmas because it was bright white thread, and I could just see my 5 year old spilling koolaid on it or something.
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