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Any tips for dying fine mohair?


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I'm planning to dye some mohair. It's 1-ply (I think that's lace weight), so it's very very fine. It's 80% mohair, 20% nylon.


I've never dyed mohair, or yarn this thin before. Is there anything I should know before doing it? Does mohair felt very easily? Does it take differently to wool? I'll be using food colour (just like koolaid). I'd hate for all of the very fine threads to felt together or for the dye to take badly. This stuff isn't cheap here, in fact I'm surprised I found it at all!


For those of you interested, I'm making the Mrs Beeton pattern from Knitty. In colours that are more light pink than the top photo. I wish I could get those beautiful colours here, but the best I can get is a baby pink, and I'll varigate it. Hopefully it'll be pretty!

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I ended up not dying it at all! I did dye the dk weight yarn that's in the pattern though, and I'm particularly proud of the colour


It's all finished now, and I'm giving it to my friend for her birthday tonight, so I'll have some pics to show off tomorrow :) She reads my blog so I can't post until after she gets it.


It is a really cool pattern! I'm thinking about making a crochet version too.

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