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Christmas present

Woven N Spun

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My new electric spinning wheel arrived the week of Christmas. I did get to open her early as hubby wanted to make sure she worked and all that great stuff. Yea...I LOVE her.




You can read a little more about her on my blog if you want. (also...there is a family Christmas picture there Wow...we were all actually together at the same time for once :eek )

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this machine. It has a variable speed control and with the foot pedal (I have the one that when you press it once, it stops the spinner and when you press again it will start it up back at the same speed as when you stopped, so it's not a variable speed foot controller)

I find that I can really work on my drafting and it's a real work horse. Since I am not contract spinning for a local fiber mill (alpaca..ooh yummy) I have been able to really get some stuff spun for them. While I still love my joy and will still use it, the e-spinner is totally awesome for me. (I have just less then 2 pounds of alpaca on her since I got her the week of Christmas and that's taking several days off. I tend to spin fine as well so I am spining a 2 ply fingering weight yarn at this time.)



so cool! does it run away with your yarn or do you still have a bit of control?

i'm interested!!

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I bought it from Carolina Homespun.



hmmmmmm. interesting. where did you get it and such?


my spinning has started to thin out ... i'm resisting it as much as i can. i spin a fingering wt single with concentration. this is the wt i like, so i have to really pay attention to not let it thin out :P

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