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Filet crochet using 4 different colours. Can it be done



I have a pattern for filet crochet but I seem to be having problems with the colours I want to use. I have 4 colours for my pattern beige, black, pink and brown. My problem is that the count doesn’t come out the same. Am I doing something wrong. I have a pic of the pattern if it helps.


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This page shows "how-to's" what I understand to be filet https://www.hassdesign.com/BasicFiletTechniques/  Note, this is in US stitch terms, and I'm using the same stitch terms below.  It shows 'modern' terms for filet, which is typically done in US DC and chains.  

I'm guessing that the problem the numbers in your diagram above, which I assume are stitch counts.  I strongly suggest that you view filet in a different way, which is the way diagrammed in the link above, and erase all those stitch counts, because they are wrong, and are going to confuse you.  

Look at the top set of instructions in the link above, at the right hand side.  The diagram is all open meshes, but the right side has to have a DC or equivalent number of chains going up the side, you can't just have a row 'start in the air'.  Traditional filet in US DC, counting ALL the stitches across every ROW, is a multiple of 3 +1--BUT EACH MESH IS 3 STITCHES.  That 1 extra stitch 1 end of each is always there, whether that first stitch is an open mesh or not - this concept throws off a lot of people new to filet.  The numbers that you have written in your diagram are all incorrect, they should be a multiple of 3, but you have a multiple of 3+1.  

Example, imagine 2 meshes next to 3 each other, an open mesh °°| and a filled mesh |||.  Each is 3 stitches, but you are counting 1 open mesh as 4 stitches (one of them belongs to the adjacent mesh), and 2 adjacent open meshes as 7 stitches (one of them belongs to the adjacent mesh), when you should be counting 3 and 6 respectively.  (I hope that isn't clear as mud)




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