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Crocheting a pumpkin

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Good evening Ladies,

I am crocheting a pumpkin.

The pattern reads:

(sc BLO in the next st, inc) repeat 6 times.

I understand it to read:

single crochet back loop only in the next stitch increase repeat 6 times.

My quesiton is do I just do a single crochet in the back loop and the increase is in the regular stitch?

Thank you so much for your help.



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When a pattern says to make a stitch in the BLO of 1 specific stitch, it typically means that you have 'used up' this stitch.  It does NOT mean that the unused front loop is expected to be worked into as well in the next step.  (this is what I assume you mean by 'in the regular stitch', either using the front loop only, or both the front and back loop. *

Working in the back loop leaves an unused front loop, which can be either decorative or functional; the unused front loop forms a ridge.

*edited to add, it's not impossible that this free loop will get used at a later point in the pattern; I've seen it in doilies, or even slippers--the free loop forms a point to work into in a later round for 3-D lace patterns, or for slippers can be the 'anchor point' to work the top of the shoe into, at a right angle from the sole for example.


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