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Help Deciphering Pattern



My great grandmother started this quilt, my grandma recently found it and I'd love to be able to finish it for her. Could anyone help me decipher what the pattern is, stichtes, etc.? I'm not the best at crochet, normally a knitter, but would really like to make this happen.




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Welcome to the 'ville!  This is lovely work and a beautiful pattern.

The good news is that this is filet, and sort of simple in general in that it uses 2 filet square types, filled and empty; BUT the bad (well, not BAD) news is that this is center out, which makes it (a little) more complicated.  The complicated part isn't difficult, but IIRC I've only done it once, and ages ago.  I am fairly sure the teardrop symbol is just a chain loop, which is probably 5 chains.  

Here is a really good tutorial of how to do filet stitches. https://www.hassdesign.com/BasicFiletTechniques/  The open and filled squares I mentioned above are the top 2 in the instruction section, which shows a diagram and has a video.  It is all DC and chains.  The reason I'm thinking the teardrops are probably 5 chains is, if you start a row with an open mesh, you chain 3  to represent the turning chain of a DC, then chain 2 more to horizontally cross over 2 stitches, and skip 2 stitches.

You can see your grandmother has drawn it on graph paper.  I'm not sure why she color coded it, maybe easier to keep her place?  (actually that is a GREAT idea, filet can be disorienting.

Edited to add - pro tip, or at least this works for me:  when I work colorwork or filet, I put the pattern on a makeshift clipboard (piece of cardboard and a paper clip), with a ruler or piece of paper to mark where I am; the ruler or paper is placed to hide the rows ABOVE where I currently am.  Reason: if I can see the rows I've already done below me in both my work AND the graph, it helps orient me, easy to double check that my works looks like it is supposed to.  If I instead covered the rows below, that would be impossible.


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