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What size cotton yarn to use?



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13 hours ago, Shaughnna said:

Hi to all.  I am making a doll that calls for 2.00 mm and 2.50 mm hooks.  It calls for crochet thread, but I believe the thread comes in  different sizes.  Could someone please  enlighten this newbie?.  Thank You.



Welcome to Crochetville,

I just finished a table topper using an old size 5 thread and a 2.5 mm hook.  It is a thick stiff thread unlike the usual size 10 Aunt Lydia's that I usually use with a 1.75 mm to 2 mm hook.  The lower the number the thicker the thread.  If I was still making dolls, I would use this size 5 if it is still available on the market or the size 3 yarn that NCcountry gal suggested.  Of course it depends on if you are comfortable with the possibility of changing the size of the doll or the gauge indicated on your pattern.

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