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I would like to make this hat -- with the funky hair..........BUT

Knotty Lass


I can't find a pattern? *sniffle* 😕
I have looked on Pinterest and Youtube..........
Can anyone help a Gal out?

I want to make Chemo hats and add the hair to them
I just don't know how to do the hair part?
I have searched but, what can i really search for? 
It looks like single crochet but ---- I need to know the stitches and how many I need to create
'THAT" effect.
Please help! 🙄




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This should work for the hair, after finishing the hat: 

Attach the hair color yarn, make a short chain (away from the hat), turn, and slip stitch into the chain back to the hat (do not use the back bump to do this, it will pull the chain too tight). Slip stitch into the next stitch of the hat brim, repeat.

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Thank you ALL for the suggestions!

I finally found a pattern with hair! I'm excited!

If you would like the same pattern - it is a paid pattern $2.85 a true bargain!
Image of hat Below
Can be found here https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/250875061/joy-inspired-hat-youth-digital-pattern?click_key=fc5c39ad3e4fa853b888e6a516e08c14537378b7%3A250875061&click_sum=f4b62646&ref=hp_opfy-1&sts=1



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