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Cables are different from a regular row of 1 stitch into the stitch directly below in 2 ways: 

(1) they are made by making stitches out of order, meaning (example) if the last stitch you made in row 5 was the 10th stitch in row 4, the pattern might say to skip the 11th stitch in row 4 and make the next stitch into the 12th stitch

(2) a side effect of making them out of order is you end up making stitches that cross each other, so continuing my example the pattern might say to make the next stitch into the stitch you skipped, and either make it in front or in back of the stitch you just made.  (that is the simplest cable, an 'X' stitch, but it is usually 2 stitches crossing over 2, 3 over 3, etc.

It is a little disorienting at first, but will make more sense once you do a few cross-overs.  

Having said all that, your pattern is a little different in that it has you turning.  However, your work LOOKs like the cable in the photo (I think), so I think you are on the right track.  

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