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Welcome to the ville!

There is no program into which you can feed in written instructions, push a button get a crochet stitch diagram.

There are only 2 programs that I am aware of, there are undoubtedly others that other members are aware of and hopefully they will jump in.

Knit Pro can convert a photo or drawing that are GIF, JPEG, or PNG format to a color-pixilated grid so you can make a 'picture ghan'. It gives you a choice of a square grid for crochet, and also a 'squattier' format knit stitches, and a few choices for the # of grids it produces.  You will likely have to use a photo manipulation program to clean up the result--example, if you have a white logo on a red background, there are going to be pixels in shades of pink where red and white meet, so you'll need to decide which should be red and which white, and change them yourself.

Stitch Fiddle allows you to manipulate crochet stitch symbols to create diagrammed pattern, this is the one I've not used and I'm not sure you can use it for free, perhaps others can comment in more detail.

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