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how to crochet a diagonal edge (double crochet)



hi everyone! im new here :) signed up specifically to ask this question as ive searched EVERYWHERE and cant find what im looking for.


im essentially trying to crochet a diagonal. no, not a diagonal stitch on a blanket or anything like that... im actually trying to make my whole piece go diagonally :).. and tapered to a point!

you can see in the attached photo how the lines of stitches are still straight but they go off to one side in a diagonal taper...


any help is so appreciated!! :)



Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 12.09.17 pm.png

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Its done by either starting with the pointed end and working increases or starting at the wide end and working decreases.  The placement and number of increases/decreases will determine the overall shape.  They  may also be using multiple stitches of different heights to help the effect.


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