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Stuck with pattern

Lisette Desjardins


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When I get stuck on something like this, I 'math it through', so I'm going to do this as I type.

You have 48 stitches to start with, which agrees with the pattern  The numbers in bold counts stitches used in those 48, even counting the skipped stitches, to account for them

Chain 3 I'll count it as using 1 as I presume it's coming out of the joining stitch

dc,ch2, 2dc in next st uses 1

Ch3, dc,ch2, 2dc in next st, uses 1

skip next 2 sts, uses 2

*2dc, ch2, 2dc in next st, skip next 2 sts*, repeat*-* 14 more times uses 3 stitches for each of 15 repeats.  3x15=45 used

1+1+1+2 = 5, plus the 45 total after the repeat sequence, is 50 stitches, not 48.  (double check my logic and math, I can see me being off 1 stitch counting the turning chain if the pattern didn't, I'm not spotting an error but entirely possible I made one somewhere).

So either I'm off 2 stitches or the pattern is.  BUT, you should be short 2 stitches too, right?  Not 12 stitches, the difference between 11 and 15 repeats. 

Edited - the minute I hit save, it occurred to me - how does the next round start?  If it started with 'skip the next 2 stitches' or 'do something in the next stitch and move the beginning of round marker to this stitch as the beginning of round x", that could account for being 2 stitches short.  Probably a long shot tho.

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