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So I started making these about three months ago. At first I started with using a solid granny square on the bottom but then I started sewing liners in. I call this bag "The Bohemian." I went by a free pattern I found through Pinterest (love Pinterest!) I did tweak the pattern just a little bit. I didn't use her squares instead I picked a different one and crocheted that. These bags are crazy easy to make. Message me with any questions you have. The last two bags in my pictures below are the ones I did with a solid granny square on bottom instead of adding a liner.







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Hey looks great.... I whipped up a few of those a while back yes the creation phase of it was great simple granny square or change your motif however for me the challenge was stitching it up I'm about as coordinated as a a buffalo in a china shop..... I did not line mine but that's a great idea as well yours look amazing with the added lining I was also thinking a button to secure it from front to back in the middle would be kind of cute as well.... I also think that making these a little bit smaller would be cute little gifts for kids...

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How did seaming it end up going for you? I'd love to see pictures. Have you checked out YouTube to watch how they slip stitch their squares together? It's actually really helpful, that's how I figured it out. Here's a link to the video that taught me. 

Flat sip stitch method

in that video she uses the back loops but the pattern for the granny square bag says to use the front loops. In my opinion using the front loops looked better with this project. The very first picture up there features the slip stitch method in the front loops while the rest feature it in the back loops. I hope this helps you!

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