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Pattern reading confusion YouTube is no help



Omg I’m going crazy.

I know how to make all the stitches, and can make blankets. I’ve never used a written pattern and I am so confused. I am doing a stuffed animal, and the pattern reads something like

* 2 SC and 1 SC repeat from * around (18 sts)

(this is just one example of one of the rounds, each round has a different stitch count at the end which also doesn’t add up)

I understand what it’s asking but why does it say 18 stitches. I have so many left until my first stitch/end of the row. 
I have tried just repeating the stitch pattern all the way around, I tried just doing how many is recommended for each row and just starting the new one in the middle of the round… nothing is working and I’ve spend 4 hours with trial and error and ultimately unraveling each time. What is happening lol

thank you!!

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(18st) is the stitch count for that round. There are lots of patterns out there that are not clearly written so you have to puzzle through with some trial an error.  If this round isnt working out then the problem is probably in the previous round.  

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Well written patterns will conform to accepted standards which are explained here.


You will find many patterns that are written as follows.


I loathe You Tube patterns for the most part.  I like them for explaining a complicated step or a very short pattern but for a pattern of any lenghth I want it written out.

From what you describe you are working the standard formula for a circle.  You probably started with 6 sc in the first round.  The second round had you work 2 stitches into each stitch of the first round for a total of 12 stitches. On round three the stitch count is 18 so you are going to increase by 6 stitches.  You will make 2 sc in first stitch of previous round, 1 sc in the next stitch, 2 sc in next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch....  

Its easy to inadvertantly add unwanted stitches working in the round.  If you are joining the round with a sl st it looks like a stitch to work into when you get back around to it but is not.  It helps to use a stitch marker.  Toys are often worked in a continuous spiral and you need to use a stitch marker to keep track of your stitches.  She has a lot of good tips here


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