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amigurumi leg help!



so i completed the two legs & the chain on the second leg but i’m having trouble understanding the part that is underlined. the picture shows it looking like the groin area & underneath but the directions are unclear to me. if anyone could help me make sense of this i would greatly appreciate it!! 

3 ch, crochet 6 sc into the first ch = R 1
R 2 Double every st = 12 sc R 3-4 Each 12 sc
Cut the thread on the first leg ( approx. 4 cm ).
Crochet 3 ch on the second leg and connect with the first leg with 1 sc.
Place the sc directly after the last st on the first leg.
Crochet 11 sc over the first leg.
Crochet 3 sc over the ch, crochet 12 sc over the 2nd leg and 3 sc over the other side of the ch-chain. 
 (this is what i’m struggling with) 

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On my crude sketch yellow circle is leg 2, black line is your ch 3, green circle is leg 1

You finish leg 2 and ch 3,  attach to leg 1 and crochet around until you get back to the ch, you are going to crochet into one side of the ch until you reach leg 2 (red arrow) You crochet around leg 2 until you reach the ch where you will crochet into the other side of your ch (blue arrow) which will bring you back to leg 1



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