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Pattern help - tunisian crochet

Tunisian peacock

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Can anyone help me with this pattern? Why is the first bit in brackets? I've swapped from regular to Tunisian crochet and never seen a pattern written like this. 

ROW 1: (Ttss , Ttks) next st, Tks 2, PM, RI, PM, Tks

7 (9, 11, 13), PM, RI, PM, Tks 18 (20, 22, 24), RI,

Tks 7 (, 11, 13), PM, RI, PM, Tks 2, (Tks 1, Tss 1)

next st, Lts, RetP.


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Well there are tons of horribly written crochet patterns out there so it certainly wouldnt be surprising to find them for Tunisian.

I hope the pattern defined the abbreviations for you as there are some I didnt find here

ROW 1: (Ttss , Ttks) next st. The (  ) in this case is telling you to put one Ttss and one Ttks in next stitch. 



Tks 7 (9, 11, 13), in this case the numbers in ( ) are the number of Tks to be done according to what size you are making.

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Wow!  I am following the same pattern as the January 15th post.  The maker of the pattern, in fact, has sent a correction to those instructions as the PM, place marker, had been omitted in one area of ROW 1.  Is the pattern the December Cardigan?  If it is, I am struggling with the same pattern.  I have a lot of experience with crochet but never with Tunisian Crochet.  Can anyone tell me if there is a tutorial for the Ttss and Ttks in the same stitch?  It will define the raglan increase as follows:  (Tks 1,Tss 1) in stitch and (Ttss 1, Ttks 1) in next stitch.  Can anyone help?

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