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Need help with a balaclava pattern



Hi, I’m a beginner in crochet and I’m having difficulties understanding the firsts steps of a balaclava pattern (https://hobbii.com/esmeralda-balaclava). 

it’s supposed to make a hood shape, but I don’t get how to do it. Does somebody understand ? :)

here are the steps:

Chain 20 (25) 30.
Rows 1-10: *Start with a ch 2 and work 1 dc in ns. 1 dc in each st* x10. 

Start with a ch 2 in the first st on the first row on the square. 1 dc in each st along 3 of the sides around the square. (On sides 1 and 3 where the dc are turned sideways, insert the hook in between the dc itself. Do this twice per dc) Change direction when you have worked the last side. *
Repeat from * to * for 20 rows.
Ch 2 to start row 21. 1 dc. *2 dc in 1 st*2. 1 dc in each st until you have 3 sts left. *2 dc in 1 st*3. Chain 18 (20) 22 to finish and attach to the opposite side with a sl st.


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Do you have a specific question about a certain step?  Sometimes I cant always picture what all is going on with a pattern but if I work it a step at a time it works out.

Rows 1 thru 10 makes a square or rectangular shape.  Then you are going to be working on 3 sides of the square.  You finish row 10, turn piece 90° work side (the pattern actually explains how to work into the sides).  When you get to end turn piece 90° and work into other side of your starting chain.  When you reach the end turn piece 90° and work other side.  When you reach the end turn and work back along the 3 sides again.  You work 20 rows along the 3 sides (I am thinking we are missing an * in front of "ch 2)


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