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14 minutes ago, erisibella said:


im confused on the “back” portion and where i should join my yarn. any explanation or rewording would be greatly appreciated. i have piece with two straps but i just don’t know how to finish the back and where to attach!

Attach yarn in top of sc  three full spaces in from left front.

Row 1 - 14:  Ch 5, 1 sc in space, work across 10, 12, 14 spaces.
Row 15:  Ch 5, 1 sc in space, ch 3, 1 sc in space, * ch 3, 1 sc in space, repeat from * across row.

Sew shoulder seams.  Work 1 row sc around piece.


BACK: attach yarn in top of sc

3 full spaces in from Left front

then go to row 1 and follow per the size you are making.  (I'm not adding the yellow highlight, guess it's cause I copied/pasted)

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