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Any granny square pattern help appreciated!




I saw this scarf in a shop the other day and absolutely loved it, but its a little out of my price range so I thought I'd have a crack at crocheting it myself :) 

Any granny square pattern recommendations for the checkerboard square, spiral, and classic-style square?



Sam x


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Welcome to the 'ville!  And that's an interesting blanket.  Here are some patterns that won't 100% get you there, you will have to have experience tweaking similar patterns. I suspect the maker of the blanket probably did not follow 1 pattern, but borrowed from several or improvised.

Spiral granny square

Checkerboard, no pattern needed really, just rows of DC, the blocks are 4 DCs alternating colors and looks like edges may have fewer sts to keep it square.

Circle to square, here is one--it is bigger than what will fit here, but you can see the transition round and apply 'how it is done' to do the same thing to a round nearer the center; it's all about adding corners.

The one that looks like an - airplane silhouette? is probably just planned color-changing of a basic circle.  If I were doing that, I'd grab some paper and draw out however many rounds you think it looks like - in US DC, a flat circle starts with 12 US DC, and adds 12 each round - so 12, 24, 36, 48 and so on.  Start with drawing a starburst of 12 stitches, then round 2 make 2 stitches 'sprout' from each stitch, round 3 make 2 sts sprout from every other sts, next round every 3rd stitch, next round every 4th stitch, and so on.  Then with another color, or by making lines heavier, 'draw' the airplane on the stitches you think they should belong.

For the plain old granny square, there are a LOT of patterns to choose from that look the same; some take a different path to get to the same apparent end, the main difference is how rounds are joined, and how many chains are between the granny 'groups' of 3 stitches.  IMO the # of chains has to do with your stitch tension, in order to keep the square from ruffling or cupping.  (If it is ruffling, reduce the # of chains between stitches, if it is cupping, do the opposite; I make short-ish  stitches and don't put any chains between granny 'groups', and I put 3 chains in the corners, but some other combo might work better for you.

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