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What does “working around the chain mean?”



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Welcome to the 'ville!

It could mean a couple of things.  This is the very start of the item, right?  What is it - is there a link to the pattern, or a photo of what the finished item looks like, that you can link to?

I can think of a few possibilities, but rather than explain them all - is it possible your phrase might have actually been 1.5 steps, not 1 - “4 sc in second ch from hook working around ch” - I think the underlined part was 1 instruction, and the second part might have been the first part of a second instruction-- 'working around the chain (do some more and different, possibly lacy, stuff)'.  The line that you gave, by itself, does not make sense, the only thing I can think of (by itself, without a 'second part') is that is means, in a very poorly written way, "4 sc in the second ch form hook and in the remaining chains around (assuming you are working in a circle)'. 

You can make stitches AROUND a chain, as well as INTO a chain (but not both at the same time!), which is why I think the part you quoted either doesn't make sense at all, or is incomplete (or poorly written).  

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