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What to do with Vintage “Knit Rule” ruler

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I was given a large tub of vintage yarn, and this was in with it. I think it’s interesting and want to know more about it, and do something with it, but I don’t know what. The only information I could about it is this post on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/153878078019 (Not very helpful lol).

Does anyone have any more information about it, and/or ideas for doing something with it (like using it as a decoration or in a craft)?



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A makeshift knitting loom probably; I learned to knit as a kid, then stopped when I learned to crochet; when I retired I thought I'd try knitting again, and I bought a (plastic) loom just to see what it was all about, but found the real thing a whole lot easier.  But maybe if you didn't already knit, this might be something to try; the loom I bought had a hook-like tool, but you could probably use a crochet hook.  There are undoubtedly how-tos on the internet.

Or se it as a hook hanger?  :think  :no 

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Hmm.  I don't think I own any shirt that has buttons spaced every inch.  And squinting at the writing on the bottom photo, I wouldn't want to be 'pinning' any fabric with those relatively massive nails.  And some of the nails on the bottom photo are misaligned. 

I give the Knit Knacks advertising person half a point for coming up with 'uses' that might sound reasonable to someone who knows absolutely nothing about the tasks he thinks this thing is useful for, but, :no 

What came to mind when I first saw this is a supplier that misread the Knit Knacks spec on what they were supposed to build (I used to be in purchasing in Silicon Valley, so have had this happen on custom things, but nothing quite so crude).  Maybe the supplier wouldn't take them back so Knick Knack had to come up with a (desperate) sales gimmick to get rid of them.  Cake decorating, really?

I can sort of see a ruler with various sized holes drilled all the way thru, where the nails are, tho -- have you ever seen a knitting needle gauge?  I could see a size 1 knitting needle hole at the 1" mark, a size 2 needle hole at the 2" mark, and so on; the ruler for counting your stitch gauge. 

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I think that’s what it’s trying to be- a knitting gauge. But not for needles, for actually measuring the size of the knitting/ crocheting. I think you lay the crochet over the pins and stick them through, and the measurements tell you how big it is while the pins hold it in place. I don’t think many people would want to put big pins through their work though.

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