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Welcome to the 'ville!

When you work across the ends of rows, it is not as tidy or consistent a 'road' to follow as working into the tops of stitches across a row as usual.

SC stitches are almost square, but not quite, so you can't just put 1 SC into the side of a row of SC in a 1:1 ratio.  I think the ratio probably depends on your personal stitch height 'habit', we are all different, the designer's stitch height with the same hook and yarn might be taller or shorter than yours.

If  the  sc border is not a set-up for more rounds after that which has a specific stitch multiple for a pattern repeat, what I normally do is just do whatever it  takes to make it look the best - it may be 1 stitch into 1 but every 5 stitches (making up a number) I may have to put 2 into 1, or skip a stitch, to keep it laying nice and flat.

Pro tip - if you are adding a contrasting color border - example, a white border on pink blanket - border it all around in 1 pink SC round first, then go around with white in whatever stitch pattern. The reason is, going ALL around in pink gives the next rows all stitch tops to work into, so the color transition looks nicer, a cleaner line.

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