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Pattern/Wool equivalent for Pingouin Crochet DK



Hello all!

I've recently discovered a big pack of Pingouin Crochet DK wool - but Pingouin doesn't exist anymore and online patterns from the years when it did are quite outdated!

Can anyone recommend a modern equivalent for this wool? That way I can look for more modern patterns that will "work" the same way.

The only other information I can give you is

  • 50g
  • 100m
  • 100% acrylic
  • Tension is 22st x 30r for 10x10cm, on 3.25-4mm needle

Any advice would be welcome, or a pointer to a forum/shop that could help :)




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'DK' means 'double knitting'; I think about 100 years ago 'typical' knitting yarn was a smaller gauge, somewhere around US fingering or sport weight.

So any DK weight yarn would do.  I'm not sure where you are, but here are some charts that convert US and UK yarn weights and other good stuff.

Just realized that link is a bit more helpful to someone in the UK than the US;  in the US, example 'laceweight' is zero, 'fingering' is 1 - in the US, skeins will not necessarily use the words to denote the size, but rather the number - so in the US DK/light worsted weight is #3 and will (normally) be labeled with that same little skein drawing with the number in it.

Notice the yardage/meterage of the original yarn is 100 meters per skein (this is very handy, old patterns don't always tell you this).  If your pattern says it needs 5 skeins, you need 500 meters to complete your project - which means you may have to do some math.  If you find a substitute yarn of DK weight that is 50 yards meters per skein for example, you will need 10 skeins for the same yardage required for your pattern.  EDIT --sorry for mixing up yards and meters!

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