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Hi, I am trying to make the following pattern,

Bonnet Pattern

I'm fairly new to crocheting, I have completed 8 rows from the pattern. I am stuck on the 9th row. Can any one explain what

"FPtr2tog around first FPtr from previous round, and place the second leg around the next FPtr from previous round, working behind the second leg of the FPTR2tog, dc in the next two stitches," mean? Any help will do! Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the 'ville!

You are making a sort of /\ shape with the FPTRs, which they are referring to as 'legs'.  

It sounds like there are 2 stitches between 2 FPTRs in the previous round, like this |--| (best I can do with a keyboard, so post, stitch, stitch, post). 

Any time you are making slanted lines or cables with front or back post stitches, you will be making stitches out of order, and will be maneuvering the hook differently than usual to make stitches in front or in back of other stitches.

So in the current round you make a FPTR in the first FPTR in the row below, then another in the second FPTR in the row below (skipping the middle 2 stitches below), then go back and fill in stitches in the 2 skipped stitches between the post stitches. 

So you end up with sort of a 'house' shape over the 2 rows

/--\ current row

|--|  prior row

and then, because the last (left) post / is leaning in that direction (sort of 'in the way' of making the next stitches between the /  \) , the current round's stitches you make into the -- stitches from the prior round need to be made by manipulating the hook behind the post stitch; yarn over, stick the hook behind the left post stitch, insert hook into the (I'm guessing) first DC between posts in the row below from front to back as usual, and complete the DC.  Repeat in the same way for the next DC.  It's not difficult, just sort of mind-bendy the first time you do it - trust me, it makes more sense doing it than reading my description, I'm sure. 

If you are still confused, look for videos for Crochet "X" stitches, or cables; won't be exactly your pattern but will illustrate making stitches out of order, behind or in front of other stitches.

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