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Need help with a pattern

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Hi everyone!

I am a fairly experienced self taught crocheter.  My current project is a crocheted toddler sweater.  I have the back completed, but do not understand how to shape the armholes. Same thing with the completed right & left sides.  It is the first time I have attempted to crochet a sweater.   The stitch is pretty, but I think the instructions are written by a much more seasoned crocheter than myself.  I can usually follow instructions pretty well, even look things up or watch videos if I need to learn a new stitch but, I am unable to proceed any further without some clarification.  Look forward to completing this project.  I want to give it to my granddaughter for a birthday gift!

Thanks much!!!



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Hi Teri,

I think I can help, but if it doesn't, please feel free to clarify!  I'll probably be quite specific because this is the way my mind works, plus you've never made a sweater before, so just ignore what you don't want.  :)

So, you've finished the BACK part of the directions, but you haven't actually finished the back.  Shaping the armholes means you're now going to "cut out" a section on each side of the back where the arms will eventually go, and according to this pattern, that means 4 sts on either side.  So, your next row is going to be to slip stitch the first four stitches, chain one, and then work the pattern until the last four stitches.  Ignore those last four, they're done.  You're going to chain one and then turn, and keep working as you did the BACK portion for another 4.5".  I'll add a diagram in a second from my phone.  So, basically, you're preparing the hole in the sweater where the arms will be attached.  Does that help?


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Hi  and Welcome  to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

Very good explanation.  We do have a section where you can ask questions it is in General Crochet help.   

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