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    Hello! Since I discovered the joys of crocheting about 12 years ago, I have found it to be the best therapy. It has seen me and is seeing me through difficult times, and I treasure its healing qualities. From the beginning, I have been fascinated that from a little ball of yarn I can create something that takes up material space where before there was nothing. That's pretty spectacular!
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    Central Illinois (for now!)
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    Besides crocheting, knitting, writing, genealogy, sketching, photography, and travel
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    blankets, decorations
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  1. Hello everyone, Thank you for all of your well wishes on our trip and kindly comments, if you left one. I'm sorry I'm not here more lately, but there is so much to do before we leave. Our countdown is in hours now, or "wake-ups" as my Dad loved to say. "Only two more wake-ups and we're out of here!" I miss him so much. We're getting anxious to be off, so our Saturday morning start time may be pushed forward to tomorrow. I can't think of all of the work that needs to happen before then or I'll sit in a puddle and cry. All right, I need to get moving. Have a lovely August, you lovely people, and stay cool. Enjoy the last bit of summer (how can it be over already?!?) and I look forward to visiting with you all more later after we return. I'll probably post quite a few photos on my Instagram account, so feel free to pop by and say hello. The link is in my signature down below. xx
  2. Thanks, Brenda! It's good to be back, if only for a week. Then we'll be gone for three weeks on a road trip to the PNW and Canada. I hope to be back here more regularly once we're home again. And yes, my little buddy does miss me. My mom sent me a photo of him staring out the door and down the road, and I got weepy over it. She said "that's it, no more photos for you." lol And she hasn't sent another one.
  3. Welcome, Harold! I love eastern Canada; we spent several weeks there a couple of years ago. I hope you enjoy Crochetville!
  4. Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying cool and enjoying the summer. I am just back from my mother's and a solo road trip for the last few weeks, and feel so much better for having taken a week to myself. Things are busy here, in a good way, and we are readying the rig for our vacation at the end of the week. I got no crocheting done while gone; I just seem to lose my mojo during the summer. Part of the reason for the road trip was to drop my dog off at my mom's so he would be well taken care of while we're on vacation. I'm just as unhappy as he is and would like to whine for a second: I miss my dog!!! What's everyone up to? I skimmed several posts and it sounds like gardens are producing well, grandchildren are kicking butts, and life continues to move forward.
  5. Hi Donna, and thanks for the welcome. This is a good time in life, but I've always felt that way whatever chapter I've been in. Yours sounds like a busy chapter! I'll bet your dog is a total sweetie! We had a pit bull once and she was the most loving dog to us.
  6. Welcome! Busy out of state now, but pop in when I can to keep up to date. I hope you enjoy it here; I certainly am!
  7. Good morning, everyone! Just dropping by to say hello. At my mother's this week and then on the road most of next. I hope everyone is having a lovely week and staying cool.
  8. Good morning, all! Busy day here as it's my last before I head north early tomorrow morning. Banking and grocery shopping to do today, in addition to last-minute packing and learning how to work various systems on the RV. Thanks for pointing out the announcement, Mary Jo! I wasn't sure I'd find time to come on here, so putting it in a chat brought it to my attention. Stay cool and safe! x
  9. I know, half an hour is nothing, right??
  10. Reni, your post needs to come with a warning. I just clicked on the link you provided and fell down the rabbit hole on pinterest for the last half an hour, lol! Now I have new knit patterns I'm mulling over....
  11. Good morning, all! Feeling a bit out of sorts today, but pushing through and doing more laundry, cleaning the RV, and emptying and cleaning the fridge. Lots to do before I leave on Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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