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    Hello! Since I discovered the joys of crocheting about 12 years ago, I have found it to be the best therapy. It has seen me and is seeing me through difficult times, and I treasure its healing qualities. From the beginning, I have been fascinated that from a little ball of yarn I can create something that takes up material space where before there was nothing. That's pretty spectacular!
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    Central Illinois
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    Besides crocheting, knitting, writing, genealogy, sketching, photography, reading and travel
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    blankets, decorations
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  1. Hello Felicity, and welcome from Illinois, USA!
  2. I have been pondering that a lot lately, and here's what I've come up with: crocheted bookmarks paperwork bookmarks hats for some homemade candy (frog molds for HP fans) monogrammed handkerchiefs Christmas tree baubles homemade whipped body butter mini knit stockings for gift card holders quilted tea cosy with hot pads (if I'm ambitious enough) As to the men in your life, ugh, I feel your pain. If you choose to get gift cards, I have begun presenting them by putting them in a clear glass jar, standing the gift card up in the center and then filling with wrapped candy (kisses, mini peanut butter cups, etc.). Put a neat ribboned bow around the jar (check a craft shop for ribbons with fish, checkered, HP theme, or guns on them, or something related) and slide it into a gift bag. It's a fun way to give a gift card. I don't know how old your cousin is, but maybe he'd like a big bag full of chocolate frogs and an HP themed book/journal? That bookmark link I gave you has some London ones that are neat. Good luck!
  3. Good morning~ Sun is shining here and my husband and dog both have get-up-and-go energy this morning. Me, not so much, lol. I'd like to putz around home until our appointment at one, but I have a feeling I'm going to be dragged out to have some fun before that. Such problems. Assembling patterns for baby items to make at my mother's next week for a young friend who's having a little girl in December. I just love Marianna's patterns, and have found Baby H'Ugg boots to go with the top-down all-in-one long-sleeved sweater and matching cap. Considering my lack of needleart ambition lately, I'm encouraged by this and hopeful it sparks my creative drive. Well, I suppose I should get moving. Or at least grab a cup of coffee. ☕ I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
  4. Oh, yes, the tomatoes! I rarely buy them anymore; they're just such a disappointment.
  5. Good morning, everyone. It's finally a cool, rainy fall day. I'm over the moon. Katy, I read your post the other day about the unusual quiet around here and thought I'd pop on to say that we've been busy but also sick. Boo! Just obnoxious head colds, but when that is combined with hayfever it feels worse. All of us seem to be on the mend, but I wouldn't say no to a good, hard frost. I'm getting ready to head to my mom's in northern Michigan on Monday. She called and the apples are ready, so off I go to pick and help her make up pie filling for the freezer. Hopefully I'll bring plenty home to make apple butter and apple jelly and restock our shelves. I lost my source of free crabapples a few years ago, and the properties where I have found the fruit going to waste (bank and mall landscaping), no one will let me pick them because of liability (insert eyeroll here) so the fruit just rots. I say this country has too much when fruit rotting off the tree is preferable to someone eating it. Brenda, you're doing great with your move. We've moved countless times (and are seriously considering another) and I know that feeling where you think it will never end, but it will. Be sure to take plenty of breaks and reward yourself with an extra piece of chocolate or something. I have not been knitting or crocheting a thing. *gasp!* I can't believe it. Life is just too hectic to concentrate on creating and relaxing. I'm getting irritated. Oh! I'm a liar. I did start a dishcloth while on the road last weekend. That's it. I can't figure out if life is really this crazy busy or if I still haven't shaken off the last 16 months of trauma. I lost my Dad 16 months ago, my brother (only sibling) 15 weeks later, and I've been trying to be a support to my mom (who lives 8+ hours away) so I've been up there every 4-6 weeks since my brother died. We just passed his one-year anniversary and I recognized it was time to put a little more space between the visits, but it's not working out as well as I had hoped. Although Monday will be six weeks since I last left her, so maybe it is working. I'm just getting burned out on leaving. When I get home I feel like I lose that first week catching everything back up. With the holidays approaching I don't see a break in sight until January. I'm encouraging my mom to go to Arizona for at least a month during the winter (we have friends and family there and it would be SO good for her to go), but she's still reeling from losing dad and doesn't want to venture too far from home. I'm starting to wonder if Dad had all of the wanderlust and Mom just happily went along for the ride. She loves the idea of travel, but actually leaving their home seems to be more difficult for her than I would have expected. Anyone with insight into this? Thoughts are most welcome. All right. I got a response that someone wants to be pen friends with me (yay!), and now I need to respond to her and we need to exchange home addresses. I just LOVE exchanging postal mail, but rarely does anyone I write to respond. It gets a bit discouraging, so I went in search of someone. I found a website that is global, and my new pen friend is in Germany! Yay! I hope everyone has a lovely Friday! Happy Autumn! 🍂🍃🍁
  6. I agree with Kathy that the middle scarf (on Anne, right?) is knit, garter stitch. The one on the left is crochet. I haven't caught up with the Anne storyline since the first season, but you've made me want to get caught up now. Thanks!
  7. I always just fill the gaps with the ends of the thread from joining. Same with mitten thumbs. Good luck!
  8. It must feel like Christmas come early! What a fun way to spend your day!
  9. Hello Valentina, and welcome to Crochetville! It is so nice to have you here. I also have crafted in all of the mediums you listed, and right now am adding paperworks to my list. My mom taught me the basics of crochet, too, and her mother taught her. Knitting I learned from a friend visiting from England in exchange for teaching her crochet. What kind of dolls do you make? I have had a rag doll in the back of my mind that I really need to find the time to get out and make real. I always put crafting at the bottom of my list lately, but will be moving it further up when I get back from visiting my mother next week. I also love exchanging postal letters and reading. Your avatar is beautiful; I've been looking for a pattern for my missal cover. So delicate! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  10. Your work combined with her pattern is just stunning. Well done!
  11. Hi Karen, Oh, those things can be frustrating, can't they? I remember the first blanket I made that required joining squares. I saw the first hole in the joining as I was getting ready to wrap it the night before the wedding. Needless to say, I spent a good portion of the night re-joining all of those squares using a much better method! Not actually having the piece to look at makes it difficult to figure out how to help you. I'm wondering a couple of things, though: 1) how did you secure the last stitch when you finished the trim? 2) did you run out of yarn whilst doing the trim and have to join a new skein? 3) how do you start your new rounds/rows? What I mean by that is do you put a slip knot in the yarn before you begin a new round/row? Maybe someone else will have other (more helpful) thoughts, but these are the points in the trim where I would begin looking. Oh, and welcome to Crochetville! I hope you enjoy it here!
  12. Hi Collette! I place the bookmark on a towel, fold the towel over it, and then steam it good. I flip the bookmark over and do it again. Then I remove it and lay it flat on a table or countertop and let it fully dry. It stays flat, which is all I'm aiming for. Of course, this is my whole one weeks' experience talking, lol.
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