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I must admit I'm not the best 'what is this stitch pattern' detective.  It might be an 'up down' stitch as I learned it, sc in 1 stitch dc in the next,  repeat; next row sc in the dcs and vice versa.  Or it could be hdc dc.  Pretty pattern. 

Below I flipped one of your photos right side up, at first I thought the areas I marked in red were multiple stitches into 1, but now I'm not positive.  There are other shell stitch relatives that are 2 or 3 different stitches into 1, skip 1 sort of thing that look similar.

If you are looking for a stitch pattern, there is a site which has a LOT of them.  This is the main page, go to the 'stitchionary', there are 2 sub areas for crochet, stitches by type and techniques.  https://newstitchaday.com/  The stitches have written and video instructions.

Here is another site, I've watched a few 'Mikey' videos and he seems to be pretty good (there are an awful lot of awful videos out there)  https://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-tutorials-project-gallery/  This is the main page, it has a menu -- under patterns click patterns, then video crochet stitch library.  Many are associated with projects, not all are back-and-forth stitch patterns like you are looking for, but you might find something you like.


mystery stitch.jpg

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