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In desperate need of help


I am 2/3 of the way in finishing my project and am really stuck. Following instructions: Rd 1, sc in all stitches, Rd 2: sc around, pm in 11th st of rd, drop loop from hook 

Does this mean that I am securing the loop with the marker and then just keep sc to end of round?

would really appreciate any help that can be provided (pattern gets even more complicated from there so I could be back, lol)

Thank you1



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Hi, and welcome to the 'ville!

Is it a free pattern on the internet, if so could you link to it?  Don't post the whole pattern, just the link.  Or if it's a purchased pattern, it's OK to type in a line or 2 of the pattern. 

I've never seen instructions for a marker to secure a stitch.  

How many stitches are in round 2?  Is the 11th stitch the last stitch, or somewhere in the middle?  'SC around' is unspecific count-wise, 'stitch 11' is very specific, so I'm assuming stitch 11 is not the end of the round, but in the middle somewhere.

What does it say immediately after 'drop loop from hook'?  It's always a good idea to read ahead to understand the steps you need to take, to make sure you understand them.  Also, I've found even if an instruction is confusing, even if you think it is a mistake, to blindly follow it (at first).  Reason:  (2) if it's a mistake, often following the wrong thing can make the right thing obvious (like the instructions were  mostly right, except 1 stitch off, or whatever), and (2) sometimes you will learn an amazing new trick.  I've been crocheting for decades, and it's usually the first but I'm still alternate ways to do something I'd never thought of.

The last thing you want to  do is blindly do something it doesn't say.  If your guess is wrong, you may not be able to find your way to continue the rest of the pattern  Can you tell where you are in the thing that you are making?  Sometimes just looking closely at the pattern photo at the spot you are making can help. 

What comes to mind are a couple of things: (1) to change color, but I'd think it would 'drop loop and pull up a loop with color x', or (2) to drop the loop for a just a moment, insert the hook somewhere else , and pull the dropped loop thru.  Example, this is how popcorn stitches are made:  make a few DCs into 1 stitch, drop the loop, insert hook into the first DC in that group, and pull up that dropped loop - by connecting the first and last stitch, the middle ones 'pop' out.  Another example:  if you were making a toy, it could be a way to transition from torso to limbs.  Example, at the crotch, to transition from an oval for the torso to 2 legs that come straight down from the body that in cross section turn "0" (torso shape) to "8" (2 legs shape)


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