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I just became interested in tunisian and have mastered the simple stitch. Found it to be so easy and loved doing it. But this morning I figured I would get on the computer , find tutorials and just sit and do another stitch. Well.. I tried several and was becoming frustrated over it. Tried honeycomb, knit and a few others.  So my question to all here is. After the simple stitch which , in your opinion, would be the next easiest stitch to learn.  I think I may of gone around this wrong so need some advice where to go from the simple stitch. Many thanks for any opinions and suggestions.

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Hi Mavis-  I love Tunisian Crochet. You may want to try the knit stitch next, then the purl stitch. I found it simple and non-frustrating when I was first learning Tunisian Crochet. Have you watched Kim Guzman's Tunisian tutorials? She is precise and detailed in her video's and explanations. Kim Guzman Tunisian Videos.

Hope these help.

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