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Map I am making a baby blanket out of two panels that I want to combine. I thought it would be easy but I’m having trouble. It’s all double crochet but since ya in a chevron pattern the edges are not as clear. What do you think would be the cleanest way of connecting these two panels and any advice or recommendations on how to do this. 





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Do you have more yarn?  I'd almost be inclined to make a panel of 4-round granny squares end to end, using those colors to sort of redistribute the cacophony of the mismatched ripple rows.  The beauty of this is that you could join-as-you-go both the squares and the ripple as you are making the last round of each granny.

Or, if you use a mattress stitch to sew them up, this is pretty invisible even if you use 1 color, it won't show (much) if you are sewing orange and grey together with black yarn - the seaming stitch is sort of buried in the other yarn.

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