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Good morning!  I was thinking of offering a 20% in stock shop sale for this week. The intention was to show appreciation for my clients (past, present & future).  The online shop has not been up and running very long.  I mainly do commissioned pieces.  What I do in my spare time goes in the shop, hence the stock is low.


My problem is that I haven't had time to create any business cards, etc.  Packaging is everything.  Sometimes it can make or break future orders.  I am thinking maybe I need to wait, build the stock up more and do this next Thanksgiving when I am more prepared.


I guess I am just feeling overwhelmed at the moment and needed an ear.  Time is not my friend at the moment.  Thanks for listening! 


Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

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Do you have a logo for your business? Can you use that to quickly create a temporary business card that you could print out on cardstock? You could wrap any items sold in pretty tissue paper, and print a logo sticker to fasten the tissue paper closed.


If you don't have time to make a business card, just make up a nice receipt with your logo and contact information to include with the item.


If your stock is low, you probably don't want to market a sale to new clients. It would be fine to send an email to your current and past customers letting them know you have a limited number of ready-made items to purchase for this holiday season.


I would go the above route only if you really need the money this year. If you can possibly wait, I do think it would be better to wait until next year. You could even have a Christmas (or Holiday) in July sale next year, if you have stock and items built up by then. Lots of people like to get their shopping done early.

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