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    Happily married mother of 5 boys ranging from ages 23-12. I have 20/100 uncorrectable vision but I do not allow this to hold me back. Things just take a little longer to accomplish. Where there is a will, there is a way! :)
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    Medical Field but able to stay home now full time.
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  1. I am so relieved to say I am FINISHED! it is currently in the wash for Quality Assurance. Client was ok with dimensions so I bordered it with 1 rnd dc (white) and 1 rnd sc (red). I think the simplicity really set it off! I am very pleased with the final outcome. With this said, I re-interate that if I have to do this pattern again, I will not use CSS. It is my "go to" yarn but seriously slowed me down on assembly. I also will not go over a "K" hook with it and that will not obtain proper gauge.
  2. @redrosesdz Oh boy... 300! Must be for an Around the World Blanket. I think the thought of tossing makes me feel just as... so much work!!!!! Maybe set a goal of joining X amount a day? I seen a nice red & white border somewhere. I think it was on the Peppermint Twist throw. I can't remember. It looked REALLY nice. I can't seem to find it again but I remember the lady said it took a bit of time to do. Time is something I don't have, unfortunately. I think once I'm done joining (which seems to be taking forever), I will do a sc border in white. I will measure that and give her the finished dimensions and see what she says. I will offer to add the border and go from there. I only charged her $150 and that is a fair price for this finished size. If I ever do this again, it will be with a diff yarn and will be charging much more. I've seen them sell between $185-$300. I know it will depend on my market but with this one, they either want to pay it or not, lol. Won't hurt my feelings if I don't get another order for this.. I know, I sound plum awful! My husband has seen me so stressed out over this one that he said, "I think it's time for another quilt" I asked why, he said "because it would be for us or one of the boys and you wouldn't be near as stressed". He knows it is harder for me to make quilts, though because of my vision (20/100 uncorrectable). Therefore, I only dabble in the quilting world, lol.
  3. ​That's what I was thinking but doing solid red to break up the business? I don't know if you have made this but assembly is something else, lol. If I am crazy enough to do this pattern again, I will NEVER use CSS for it! I love this yarn but definitely not a good choice for this pattern. IMO. My stress level is through the roof because of my time crunch... I just have to breathe and focus.
  4. Thank you. I'm freaking out a little because I need to come up with a 2" border to get close to dimensions I gave client. (long story). I'm hoping you ladies here will help me come up with a solution while I am assembling! I am hoping to find one that won't take too long. I am already behind the goal I had set for completion. TIA
  5. 5 large motifs to go.... then the edging x 42 and the final stretch of assembly. I may have mentioned before but my completion goal was set at the end of this month. That is not going to happen. Life has been super stressful and busy so haven't been able to work on this full time. I am very thankful client didn't give me a deadline. With that said, I still try my best to get it done as quickly as possible. She seen the picture I am posting here and her response was very reassuring "Oh my gosh! They are beautiful. You are so talented". Made me feel so much better about being behind schedule. Anyway, going to go for now. Extremely exhausted and can't crochet like this either. I did try that with a result of So I know not to attempt, lol.
  6. Good morning! I was thinking of offering a 20% in stock shop sale for this week. The intention was to show appreciation for my clients (past, present & future). The online shop has not been up and running very long. I mainly do commissioned pieces. What I do in my spare time goes in the shop, hence the stock is low. My problem is that I haven't had time to create any business cards, etc. Packaging is everything. Sometimes it can make or break future orders. I am thinking maybe I need to wait, build the stock up more and do this next Thanksgiving when I am more prepared. I guess I am just feeling overwhelmed at the moment and needed an ear. Time is not my friend at the moment. Thanks for listening! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  7. Good morning! Thank you so much for checking on me. It is coming along, slowly. As I mentioned above, I'm not one to sit still for periods of time. With that said, this has caused severe lower back pain. After a few days of recoup, I have found a way to sit to where I can get back at it. With this being interlocking (and when I do graphgans) I have to sit at a table to do it. If I tried in my lap, it would be a tangled mess of a nightmare, lol. My goal is to have it complete by the end of this month. I am currently at 30/30 small motifs and 23/42 large motifs (rounds 1-10) Hope to find all well with you!
  8. Popping in to touch base. it seems as if life is super chaotic this week. I haven't gotten much accomplished. I don't foresee things slowing down until Monday. Currently I am at 12/42. I really need a solid day of quiet. I need to be able to avoid my "to do" list to get some descent headway on this. This order was placed last week of October, took me a week to get my supply in, so starting date was Nov 1st.
  9. You so made my night! (poop a quilt out overnight) LOL I dabble in quilting, as well. Not much due to my vision, but I have a true love of quilts. I have made a King Size Cathedral Window by machine and did the windows by hand. I have also done a deer scene panel quilt and an hourglass. Any whoooo, thanks for popping in and making me smile.
  10. The lady sent me her finished dimensions. I am going to have to come up with some sort of 2" border all the way around to meet what I told my client. I will worry about that when the time comes.
  11. ​It is truly appreciated too! I'm going to need it, lol. I gotta have PEEPS! or this will take me forever. I am currently 3/42. Yesterday was not a good day. My memory was being a pain, kept having to go back to the video for part of it even though I had done it 30 times already. Not sure what my deal was yesterday. I had seriously thought about that snowflake one. Have a friend who was major hinting around for it. I just couldn't bring myself to tackle it. Not to mention that same person had just "tossed aside" some dishcloths and towels I made her that she asked for when I handed them to her. No "much appreciated", "thank you" or anything. She has hinted around about a Stevie Nicks Vest I had made a client, too. I just can't bring myself to create for her because of her lack of appreciation. I prob shouldn't be that way, but I crochet slow, I have 20/100 uncorrectable vision, so for me to produce is not as easy as some. With that said, I did manage to make her a set of potholders & dishcloths for a housewarming gift (she supplied the materials) I FORGIVE but don't FORGET. I'm sure, unfortunately, we all have these kinds of stories. Hope you guys have a great day! Hubby has asked for Hot Wings & the such for him and his friend so I need to get to it. Hopefully, I can finish up soon and get started back on my peppermints.
  12. I'm a bit concerned with my gauge. I am measuring out at 6" for rounds 1-10 on large motif. Pattern states 7 something. I'm not sure if they are including round 11 (final round) on their gauge or not. These look a bit small compared to some I have seen and photo on pattern. I got one lady to measure and it matched mine. I need to find out what her finished afghan size was. (worried)
  13. UPDATE: 30/30 done (small motif) I will put my recommends at this point below. I have 12.5 crochet hrs in, about 23 mins each. I am having to go slower than normal. I had seen where someone had done the large one in 20 mins, most say an hour each for those. ​I use this technique VIDEO to finish off my squares. Looks so much nicer than the usual "pull it through" When you 2dc (interlocking part, round 3), pull the front "wheel" and back "wheel" away from each other. (towards you and away from you) then ch2 and do the next 2dc. This will make since when you do this pattern. This helps kinda poof things and lays them down aligned where they should be. Remember that the red will make rings on the back, so keep your stitches uniformed so they will fall nice and neat on the back.
  14. I know right! I paid $52 for my yarn and still undercharged at $150. If I for some crazy reason decide to do another, it will be no less than $200. I am using CSS and it is harder to work with for this pattern. Had to go up to a K to obtain gauge and go slower to maintain proper tension because of it.
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