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Infinity Scarf Pattern Help



I am working on this infinity scarf: http://www.barbscrochet.com/id332.html


However, I must not be reading the pattern correctly because it just seems to be multiplying with each row and becoming more fan-like instead of rectangular. I've attached a photo of the first three rows worked.

I have no idea where I'm going wrong with this. Please help!







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You're alternating V-stitches one row and shell stitches in every other V-stitch in the next row.  Both rows start and end with single dc.


It should look something like this ...


|   V  V  V         V  V  V  V  |

|+\V/+\V/+          \V/+\V/+|

|_ V_V_V_V .... V_V_V_V _|


That's really hard to draw using a keyboard!  LOL


Your V stitches (dc, ch, dc) are in your shell stitches and in each ch between the shells.

You Shell stitches (2c, ch, 2c) are in every other V stitch and have a ch between each one.

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