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Baby crochet maker

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Hi everyone


I'm actually looking for someone to make me a crochet that's like in this picture:


The size would be from 0 to 6 months old.


Happy to pay of course :-)


I don't know where else I can find a group of people who can make something like this so that's why I posted here. I've also made some posts in other section in case this is the wrong section.


Thanks for reading

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I would advise looking for someone local to make something for you or contacting someone who has an official business making crocheted items for others. There can be quite a bit of risk involved in getting someone who's not running a business to make something for you long distance: loss in the mail, you can't see the quality before you make the purchase, payment issues, etc.


You can check the website of the Crochet Guild of America (crochet.org) to see if there are any local chapters near you. A chapter member may be able to help you. You could also check at any local yarn stores or teachers at any local craft stores. You can often find crochet/knitting groups at churches as well.


This is probably the best location for your post, so I'm going to remove any duplicate posts in other locations on the forum.


Also, your link goes to some estore, so I'm removing it. You can work with a local crocheter to find the right item to make for you.

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