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This is driving me crazy



I have been trying this pattern for the past few days http://southerndaisy.com/2013/10/02/chevron-baby-blanket-free-pattern/


I have contacted the author, but no response yet. So I thought I'd try here.


I started with a chain of 182 and re-counted each chain to make sure I had the right number. I started row 1 by chaining 2 and proceeded by following the pattern. I made sure there were no missed stitches! Here is my problem: you are supposed to end with 3 DC in the last stitch of Row 1. But, and I don't know why but I am ready to pull out my hair, each time I end up with the second DC of the "DC in the next 3 stitches". Why could this be?



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Just do 2dc in the next to last stitch and the count will be right.  Not every pattern works out just perfect and crochet is very forgiving when it comes to one or two stitches being off.

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Mikey has a demonstration of this pattern on YouTube that might be helpful: 



If you want to make a different size blanket, the multiple is 14 + 2, so just chain as many sets of 14 for the desired length, and add 2 chains. 

Then there is no need to chain 2 on Row 1 because it has already been added as part of the multiple of the pattern

(MissHanners:  so you would chain 184.  Stitch markers after each set of 14 stitches might help you keep track of each set.) 


     Row 1:  Turn. Ch2.  2 dc in 3rd ch from hook...

     Row 2:  Ch 2, turn.  2 dc in first dc...  Make sure you crochet 3 dc in the top of the turning chain at the end of Row 2.  [On Mikey's demonstration, he chains 3 at the beginning of row 2.]  


Hope this helps.

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the simplest solution is to make your 182 chains and then add another 10 to 15 or so chains, just as a cushion in case of miscounting.  You can put a marker in the 182nd stitch.  then crochet the first row, and when you get to #182, if you need a couple of extra chains, there they are!  


then when you are finished, you can unpick the extra chains, and weave in the yarn tail.  

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